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Get a free estimate on improving, replacing or installing a new garden area or patio in New Jersey. Call the experts at Select Paving and Masonry for a estimate. We combine the finest of patio and garden materials with our unbeatable workmanship.

If you have an existing garden area or patio that requires improvements, replacing or you want to install a brand new patio contact us now for a free estimate. We offer our services for patios in New Jersey and one of our experts at Select Paving and Masonry will be able to help you in no time.

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WHY choose Select Paving and Masonry for your patio and garden needs?

Interlock Paving Design New Jersey

Here at Select Paving and Masonry, we only use the best patio and garden materials combined with our top class workmanship. If you are considering building a new patio in New Jersey, our professional staff will help you plan and install it to the highest quality. A home in New Jersey just doesn’t feel right without a patio to enjoy the beautiful weather and climate we receive in the area. A great patio is a functional space for you and your family and friends to enjoy whether you are having a BBQ or just a few drinks in the sunshine.

We only work with the highest quality products and pavers using natural stone. We can help guide you in your decision to create the best patio space for your unique outside area, helping you to make any important additions and avoiding any potential issues. If you have a modern home or business space that requires a great patio, we can help you from the design to installation.

Interlock Paving Design New Jersey
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Interlock Paving Design North Plainfield

Choosing Select Paving and Masonry as your patio pavers in New Jersey means choosing the best quality workmanship with the most professional and experienced people. Our highly trained masons are able to lay and mortar stone that will last you a lifetime compared to regular slab patios that are vulnerable to issues such as chips and cracks.

We guarantee to build a patio that will stand the test of time giving you the perfect outdoor space to enjoy at home. Our stone patio pavers and mortar are ultra-durable meaning they can take a lot of activity and remain beautiful and intact.

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